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Mario Murillo Ministries

Announcement: We have decided not to live-stream the upcoming FIREPOWER Master Class. Not only that, there will be only one authorized video recording. Those in the class will even be required to turn off their phones. No unauthorized recording will be allowed.

Some have told us that they hoped these sessions would be live streamed, in order to save them from having to travel to Fresno, CA. I beg you to reconsider—if traveling distance should be the factor in your decision.

Why am I going to these extremes? The short answer is that we are in a war. America is under the domination of an anti-Christian power-structure. The threats are real. Their tactics are insidious. They want to use anything they can to discredit Christianity.

They are not the only problem. Lukewarm and counterfeit Christians are also a threat to revival. You cannot imagine how some of them are offended…

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