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Mario Murillo Ministries

It is unbelievable. No sooner is the pandemic fading, than churches are falling into a terrible habit: punishing those who are on fire for God and catering to the lukewarm!

As soon as someone raises their hands in worship, an usher runs over to stop them, like they’re putting out a fire. If you get a little boisterous, you are immediately shushed, because, “People who we are trying to attract might be offended.”

If you share with others that you are hungry for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, you are suddenly marginalized and asked to worship somewhere else.

This is happening far more often than we want to admit.  It is the tragic result of church-growth seminars, where pastors were trained to eject those who want a move of God.

But a growing number of Christians feel their church is doing a lot of things that are not scriptural…

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