Re-blogging: Awesome news that needs to be spread far and wide.

Mario Murillo Ministries

Almighty God made an emphatic statement in Fresno tonight. This was not a good meeting. I have been to good meetings. This was an explosion. This was the vengeance of God crashing into Satan’s agenda.

The church in California has been told a mountain of lies. So many of those lies were shattered tonight that I lost count. Here are just a few:

The lie that believers are afraid to turn out to a crusade was obliterated. Every seat in the tent vanished almost as soon as we opened the gates. The tent flaps went down and then 500 more people sat or stood outside the tent.

God obliterated the lie that people will only listen to an easy message. My sermon was entitled You did not know when God came to save you.   I told them that preaching should tell people when they are wrong. I added that preaching…

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