Have to commend you Mario, for still sounding the alarm to the wayward churches & Pastor/leaders. Several months ago now, I decide to use what time I have, to actively promote current knowledge to the masses. They are responding vigorously.
The situation of the wayward churches remind me of a huge ship sinking, & ppl are directed to the life boats, but ignore the crew & run the opposite way, if they respond at all.

Mario Murillo Ministries

For many, it is their familiar nightmare. The house is on fire and as they rush to warn the family, something makes their legs move in slow motion.  They shout, but their voice is muffled. Reaching the bedrooms, they face a new horror. They shake people in their beds but, no matter what they do, they can’t wake them up. Smoke overwhelms the room and then flames engulf the house.  The dreamer wakes up shouting.

That is the feeling many preachers, prophets, and Christians who have had their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit are experiencing right now. They are trying to wake up the church, but they find themselves in a living nightmare. They discover that the majority of believers in America seem to be fast asleep.

It was a painful video for me to watch. A well-known pastor was interviewing his respected guest. That guest travels across our…

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