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Our future belongs to patriots, not to globalists
President Donald J. Trump gave a major address to the U.N. General Assembly in New York today, charting a prosperous future for countries the world over—one built on the empowerment of citizens and respect for national sovereignty.
 President Trump: “If you want freedom, take pride in your country.”
“The future does not belong to globalists—the future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique,” the President said.
America today is a prime example of the success that can be had when a country starts focusing on the good of its own people. Before President Trump took office, many leaders around the world, including our own, spent the bulk of their time and energy catering to the opinions of fellow global elites. Lost in the shuffle of this popularity contest were the interests of the working class that built this country. Jobs were outsourced, and a shrinking handful of insiders became wealthier at the expense of everyone else.
“Globalism exerted a religious pull over past leaders, causing them to ignore their own national interests,” President Trump said.
It’s a different story now, as America has witnessed an economic revival centered around pro-growth, pro-worker policies such as historic tax cuts, deregulation, and trade reform. President Trump reminded world leaders today that the results of this agenda are paying off for those previously left behind. “Wages are rising. Incomes are soaring. And 2.5 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty in less than 3 years,” he said. 
Throughout today’s speech, he made the case for applying similar approaches to the most pressing issues of our time. All of these ideas have one important thing in common: They put the interests of American people first. 
 Fighting unfair trade: Old trade deals that outsourced our jobs are being thrown out, replaced by fair ones—such as the NAFTA-revamping USMCA—that give our workers a level playing field.  
 Protecting individual freedoms: America is leading the way in promoting liberty as a human rights issue throughout the world, including championing the economic role of women in our societies.
 Shutting down dangerous open-border advocates: Unprecedented action is being taken to stop illegal immigration and put an end to human smuggling once and for all. 
 Holding Iran accountable: President Trump called on fellow world leaders to join America in standing up to Iran, the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism.
 Promoting a free Western Hemisphere: America stands with the people of Venezuela, and the events taking place there should remind everyone that socialism ultimately leads to poverty and authoritarianism.  
Building a better future starts at home. It’s a simple message that President Trump has encouraged his fellow world leaders to embrace from the beginning. If the American blueprint is followed—putting citizens before the ruling class and standing up for democratic sovereignty without hesitation—then real prosperity is never far behind.  
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