I had a vision many years ago, of a huge coin descending from heaven. It was slowly spinning (like when you take a coin and spin it), only much slower. On one side was the Nation of Israel & the other side was America. It was “huge” very “weighty” and “stunning”. This coin had no heads or tails. I heard…. Israel & America are one!

Mario Murillo Ministries

The Holy Spirit has burned a message into my soul that I cannot contain. I want this message to get into the hands of as many people as possible—people who are on the verge of spiritual shipwreck.  I have never felt as great an urgency to open my heart to you.

Millions have left the church.  Many who were on fire for God, even those who were effective vessels, have fallen and have abandoned their faith in Jesus.  A famous Christian singer announced that he is now an atheist.  Is that shocking? The real shock is that the church is not shocked, because this kind of recanting of faith has now become common.

Millions have left the church.  This is the reality that Christian leaders do not want to talk about.  However, facts do not go away.  And the facts are these: an entire generation has virtually discarded the…

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