In some ways, a portion of the church (at large) have joined the “snowflakes.” They want to follow Jesus, as long as doing so doesn’t make them feel “unsafe” or vulnerable, to opposition. I think some of this is tied to major drug use in our nation. An addict “feels”somewhat “safe,” until they get dope sick & need their next fix. This is not meant as a negative commentary on addicts. My only daughter died several yrs ago at 31, during an argument with her boyfriend. He shot her in the head with a 357. “Natgeo Investigates” has at least 60 vids on drug use. It’s called “Drug Inc- 300 Billion $$$ Business.” Anyone who wants to be better educated re: drugs would benefit immensely if watched. It shows drugs being made, sold, used, & transported worldwide, as well as here in America.

Mario Murillo Ministries

When the racists call everyone else racist—when the fascists call everyone else fascists—when those who are full of hate—call everyone else haters, and society listens, then freedom is, truly, just a candle in the wind.

When the Left says that words can be the same as violence, and then they are found to be guilty by their own inflammatory words and actions, then freedom is a candle in the wind.

As John Daniel Davidson said, “Is it not divisive and inflammatory for Democrats to refuse to enforce our borders while promising to give taxpayer-paid health care to illegal immigrants? Is it not divisive and inflammatory for sports stars and corporations to denounce the Betsy Ross flag and the national anthem as racist? Doesn’t that exacerbate a feeling of helplessness and dispossession, and fuel a whole spectrum of responses—from ordinary patriotism to outright xenophobia and racism?”

When thugs don masks and…

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