Thank u Mario! I am going to “reblog” this article. Conservative Aussies won their election. PTrump & America r also being utilized by Jesus to encourage other nations who had been sold out to “globalism” by their previou/current leaders. The Gospel is 4 all nations. As u said previously (I think it was u), the only thing holding the devil back from full domination was America. There is also a good chance of a new “Brexit” vote as well as eventually France regaining their country.

Mario Murillo Ministries

For two years CNN and MSNBC fed the lie…not merely out of hatred for President Trump, but to save their failing networks. And it all turned out to be lies.

533,074 articles about Russian collusion were written. Networks gave a whopping 2,284 minutes to the investigation. They knew there was no evidence of any wrongdoing, but yet they wasted $25 million dollars of your money anyway.

The witch hunt has been destroyed. The lies of CNN, MSNBC, and the cohorts of the now fully discredited left-wing media are cascading down on their heads.

A new investigation into how the Russia Collusion lie was born has now turned the tables on them!

But is this cause for celebration? Do we let up because things are starting to go our way? Quite the opposite. We can’t let the shameful and criminal abuse of power that has been committed go unpunished.  It will…

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