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War Between Two Worlds
Victoria Boyson

In our world today, we’ve never seen more clearly that we are in a war, a war between two very different worlds. In Colossians 3:2, Paul implores us to, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” There’s an entire world beyond what we can see on this earth and we live with only glimpses of our true reality in that other world. Indeed, there’s a mighty war being fought in the supernatural realm, between the forces of heaven and the forces of hell.

In the spirit realm, the enemy is fighting with all his might to keep you held in the clutches of his darkness, keeping you blind to the truth and bound by his lies. God is fighting for you to see the truth of Who He is and who He intended for YOU to be and He is relentless.

We can see the effects of this heavenly war as spiritually dark forces try desperately to take control of our world in an all out assault against the God we love.

Texas is Ground Zero for the 2020 Election
Historically, we know the deep darkness that can creep over and take control of normal human beings, which makes us do heinous things in the name of honor. Nazi Germany is everyone’s go-to historical reference when we think of the depraved acts of violence one human can impose upon another. Indeed, World War II gave us incredible examples of the greatness that can come from mankind, but also the worst. All of history is impacted by the war around us between the demonic and angelic, and their war is affected directly by our reactions, either by accident or on purpose.

Since WWII the dark forces that want to control our world have been waiting for another opportunity to use mankind to destroy God’s creation. Satan knows his time is up, but he wants to take as many souls down with him as he can. And the philosophy that fueled the holocaust is still looming in the minds filled with darkness and longing for world domination. One thing the globalist-wannabe-rulers learned from WWII is if they want to dominate the world, they will have to take down America. In order to take down America, they must take down American Christians.  And to do that, they must sow dark seeds of compromise into our otherwise Christian society.

For nearly 75 years, the enemy has planned and schemed to bring mankind to the brink of world domination. Truly, the only thing standing in the way of his success is the church. The Christian church is the only hope for the world and the only weapon we have is 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  

Our earnest prayers and the turning tide in our world seemed to be an all-out siren going off in the enemy’s camp and he did a sudden double-take at the power of the praying Church. We’re taken now as a serious threat against the realms of darkness and all eyes have turned to us. Even now, they’re launching an all-out attack against the praying church.

We’re experiencing the symptoms a spiritual civil war in the heavenly realm, for truly the enemy has stirred up people from all walks of life with his violent hatred of light and truth.It’s playing out in the political arena, but it is NOT political: it is ideological – between darkness and light, those who love our Lord and those who love the darkness.

America is ground zero for this ideological war, and the state of Texas is ground zero for those who want to take control of America. Texas has 38 electoral votes, making it the largest conservative state, and a prime target for liberals who want to steer our nation in the direction of their beliefs.

U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi said of the state of Texas, “Texas is ground zero for us in the next election. When it turns…it will make a difference in the world!”

If the globalists want a one world government, they know they cannot conquer the world if they do not first conquer America, and they cannot conquer America unless they turn Texas blue!

Hell’s Reality VS. Heaven’s Reality
Paul exhorts us in Colossians 3:2 to “set our minds on the things in the heavenly realm, not on earthly things,” because there is a war going on all around us and if we are not aware of how we should respond to that war, we will succumb to it’s insidious allure. Every single event in our lives is absolutely a response to some event that has happened in the supernatural realm all around us.

When we “wage war” in prayer against the forces of darkness of our world, the heavenly war is, in-effect, given a boost to devour our enemies and liberate our world from darkness. As Texas is the tipping point on the scale, the Lord has laid it upon my heart to build a fortress of prayer around our state and nation by raising up a HOUSE OF PRAYER, quite literally: A PRESENCE CENTER, here in the Conroe (north Houston) area.

I have seen by the Spirit a group of passionate believers stirring heaven with prayer and worship, warring for our state and nation. Like Samuel, who enjoyed spending time before the Ark of the Covenant just to be near God’s Holy Presence, I feel compelled to build an altar of prayer to Jehovah. Can you imagine an army of “laid-down-lovers” who’s aim is to dwell in His Spirit and fight for our Nation?

Here in Texas, we’ve seen the enemy encroaching in on this conservative stronghold and feel the target of the enemy’s curses against all believers, but especially praying believers. I have never before seen or felt anything like the level of evil that is coming against us. The enemy has absolutely targeted Texas and the only thing stopping the flow of demonic assignments against us is PRAYER.

People take it for granted that Texas is a secure conservative stronghold, but the enemy doesn’t see it that way and for years the liberals have been trying to change it. As I mentioned earlier, this is NOT just a political battle, but an all out spiritual attack againstus. Our churches are being targeted by people who are practicing witches. Coming in under the guise of people needing help, pretending to be newly saved or even acting like deeply spiritual Christians, they push to become ingrained in the workings of the church only to work against it by casting spells.

Our Texas border has been overrun by an unprecedented scourge of illegal activity as millions of dollars of drugs, as well as thousands of trafficking victims, are smuggled across the border. Many who’ve come to the United States from South American countries have come with a great of deal experience and knowledge in occult practices and beliefs. Targeting Christian churches, they mix Christianity with the dark beliefs of satanism. Indeed, this is happening all over the nation, but it is, I feel, much more emboldened here. Those who seek to form a global government are desperately pushing forward with their plans against this state, and by default, the nation as well and have formed organized groups practicing black magic to target Texas Churches.

However, none of this takes God by surprise!

I know the faithfulness of our God. He’s already planned our rescue. His promise of deliverance comes with our seeking Him in prayer (2 Chronicles 7:14). God’s answer for us is to push forward with a passionate movement of 24/7 prayer for the STATE, NATION and the WORLD! We are ready to go!

God has shown me that what the enemy sought to use to devour our nation will literally be what is used to bring an awakening to His church and usher in the greatest harvest known to mankind! God will use the war we wage in PRAYER as a springboard to pour out His Presence like a massive wave of glory! WE WILL SEE REVIVAL! WE WILL SEE HIS GLORY! We will work hand-in-hand with the ANGELIC to rescue those caught in the enemy’s grasp.

As praying Christians, Texas needs our help and I very much need yours. Right now, I feel the Lord’s Spirit churning inside me, compelling me to reach out and ask you to help us. Our church is small, but we are mighty in the Lord. Yet, we cannot do this alone! It’smuch bigger than us! I ask you to pray for us and help us see the breakthough in the heavens we’ve been waiting for. We need God to act! We need prayer! We’ve been asking God for a permanent building to meet in and provisions for it. If you feel led to help with a building or finances for it, we would be ever-so grateful. Most of all we’re extremely grateful for your prayer – it moves mountains!

If it were for me personally, I would not ask. I have never liked asking for help and do not do it often. But the plain and simple fact is WE NEED HELP! Help us stop the onslaught of the enemy against Texas, the nation and the world. Help us instead SEEK GOD for OPEN HEAVENS over us, so we can see not only the enemy stopped, but a supernatural outpouring of HIS SPIRIT in our generation! We need the revival fires of heaven to burn bright and captivate the hearts and minds of the lost! And, indeed, even those sent to destroy us would, themselves, be swept up by the SPIRIT OF JEHOVAH GOD in our midst!


I know you do too! I love you and I trust the Lord will use you to bless the mission we are engaged in however you can. God bless you abundantly!



Here is a link to our church Giving page. All gifts are appreciated and they are tax deductible.

Bless each of you!

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VICTORIA BOYSON is the pastor of Faith Church Conroe, in Conroe, TX, and founder ofVictoria Boyson Ministries and Women of Impact Ministries. She is dedicated to raising up an army of powerfully equipped believers who will revolutionize their world and bring in the harvest. Victoria is passionate about the church operating in extraordinary authority Christ won for them and to awaken believers to their victorious reality. Through revelations of the Holy Spirit and the Word, she and her family are breaking down strongholds which have kept the church from fully realizing the great commission.

Along with her husband, Victoria has worked in pastoral ministry since 1992, they now pastor Faith Church Conroe in Conroe, TX. She also travels and speaks throughout the US. Based out of the Houston, Texas area, she lives with her husband and together they have 4 grown children. She is the author of REVOLUTION: The White Horse Rider,God’s Magnum Opus: The Value of a WomenAWAKENING: The Deep SleepHis Passionate Pursuit and The Birth of Your Destiny.
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